I condimenti della tradizione toscana


Our company, founded in 2003, originated from a preceding one, whose main aim was the search for the Tuscan cooking tradition. Hence the combination of the two companies’cooking knowledge. The result is producing high-quality ragus and sauces, which meet the needs of those people looking for very special products which are good value for money.

“Caccia e Corte” is the trademark of “La Cucina”, a craft company that directly leads and controls every stage of production.  We are proud of showing the advantages of our products and explaining the reasons for their highquality. In fact, our products contain no preservatives, no additives or colouring matter. We use only natural flavouring, such as pepper and aromatic herbs… We use only extra-virgin olive oil (100% Italian) and fresh vegetables. For all the recipes only meats such as hare, wild boar or roe deer are used…The beefs, the porks and the birds are exclusively Italian. The very slow cooking (5 hours) guarantees the perfect mixture of fragrances and flavours like those of our grandmothers’ ragouts. The preservation procedure is sterilization, which guarantees long-lasting and safe products. Our recipes are the result of in-depth studies of the renowned and appreciated Tuscan cooking Tradition.